Moving home can be a daunting if not traumatic experience. It is important, therefore, that careful consideration is given to the choice of Removal Contractor entrusted to undertake the important job of safely removing your household contents. May we, by the way of this illustration , introduce you to our Company and to some of the services which we can offer.

Contact Details

  City Stafford
  Postcode ST16 3HS
  Address Kenmarsh House/Unit 2/Tollgate Park Tollgate Industrial Estate
  Phone Number 017 8525 2121

We moved house with Horsley's of Stafford and ended up having a very difficult and stressful experience. After arriving at our new home, we discovered that several items of furniture were damaged, including a couple of items that had been brand new prior to the move. We contacted Horsley's in writing, as per their instructions, and received what we considered to be a very offhand and rude letter in reply, stating that our claims were (and I quote) "complete and utter nonsense", intimating that we had done the damage ourselves.

After further correspondence, we were eventually asked to seek a quote from an independent furniture restorer. He confirmed that the damage to the furniture was consisitent with the furniture having been dragged along a rough surface such as a pavement or the ramp of a removal van, and that the items were all beyond worthwhile repair. We sent his letter to Horsley's, who responded with compensation of ?60 and a letter stating that they would not be entering into any more correspondence with us. After all of the assurances that they had given us prior to the move, and the company's supposedly good reputation, we were very disappointed.